Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a jigsaw puzzle. It is incongruous because all of the pieces are scattered. It doesn’t make sense unless you know what the picture is. But you don’t know the picture. You just see pieces scattered all over the place.

Then you realize that the whole purpose of life is that those pieces get together to form the picture. So the purpose of your life, or each of our lives, is to get those pieces that are at least closer to you to fit with your piece.

The first thing is to find your piece, and then see which pieces fit in with it. It sounds convincing enough until you realize that it is a little more complex than that because the pieces need honing to fit together. At first there is some rubbing. Eventually there is some honing. It is better if it happens on both sides than only one.

The picture gets formed in the course of getting the pieces together. You must not think that everything is planned or programmed. That is an old-fashioned view.

We are exploring the spirituality of the future, the curriculum for the Universel. These ideas are to be found particularly in Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan’s teaching. The message is the awakening of humanity, not just ourselves.

That means the creativity of your person is meaningful to other people instead of just meaningful to yourself. In other words, the ideal is service, instead of wanting just to create oneself for one’s own selfish purpose.

Pir-o-Murshid said, “The mind of God is formed in the thinking of people.” Instead of thinking, “That’s the mind of God and I am trying to manifest the mind of God,” realize that it is being formed in our own thinking! These are revolutionary thoughts that will help us to be creative, and therefore to fulfill the purpose of not just our life, but of life.  August 2000 tape 14A