On Prince Hurakhsh

From the writings of Shihab ud-Din Yahya Suhrawardi:

The venerable Prince Hurakhsh, the most sublime of those who have assumed a body, invested with the divine countenance, sparkles rapture in the sphere of Hurqalya. Sometimes he appears in human form, sometimes as the sun, sometimes as a constellation, sometimes as a work of art or an icon. It is he who confers light upon those who meditate upon the celestial spheres.

Hail to the pilgrims knocking at the gates of the high naves of the great halls of light, with righteousness and resolve, for behold the angels hasten to meet you, greeting you with the salutations of the celestial realm, and guiding you toward the Orient of Light.

(Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat. In Search of the Hidden Treasure. New York:Tarcher/Putnam. 2003. p. 179)