Site Upgrade

In 2000 Pir Vilayat asked me to develop an interactive website to present his teachings as a course of meditation. He named it the Universel after the inspiration of his father, Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Later that year, with the technical expertise of my son, Michael Alim Carychao, the site was designed and launched. Pir Vilayat made new material available for the site until his passing in 2004. During that time I selected visual, audio and textual material to accompany his teachings. For fifteen years the website existed fully and freely available.

Recently a technical upgrade became necessary, and the site went down. While we work to upgrade the platform, we are offering selections from the vast archive of Pir Vilayat’s teachings, supplemented by other material.

I hope that through these selections you are able to discern Pir Vilayat’s voice, sense his presence, and become inspired to join in the grand and delightful adventure he posed for us – to “build a beautiful world of beautiful people.”  

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