A Course of Meditation

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
Inspired by the vision of
Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Media Library
Jewish Wailing Women
Rudra Vina
Rudra Vina 2
Turkish Call to Prayer


Abed Azrie
Murmur of the Breeze

Johann Sebastian Bach
Fugue in F major
Partita No. 1 in B

Prelude in F major
Prelude to St. John's

Sonalast Partitas
St. John's Passion,

Ludwig von Beethoven
4th Piano Concerto

Pandit Kashinath Bodas
Raga Komal Rishabh

Johannes Brahms
4th Symphony

Max Bruch
Kol Nidre

Nada Himalaya

Choying Drolma
Tibetan Chant

Traces of the Beloved

Lama Gyurmé
Lama's Chant
The Tsok Offering

Sha heedi
  Nâme (Sufi

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
1st Jhana
2nd Jhana: The
  Thinking Behind the

3rd Jhana: The Emotion
  Behind the Universe

4th Jhana: The
  Behind the Universe

A Transfigured World:
  the View from Within

A View of the World;
  Satipathana and
  Jhanas Stage1

Absorbing Light,
  Radiating Light

All Pervading Light
As a Promise of

Attachment and Pain
Attuning to

Awakening the Glance
  of the Dervish

Being a Being of Light
Beyond Consciousness
Breathing from Within
Buddhism and Sufism
Cleansing the Emotions
  with Light

Clues in Our Psyche
Consciousness Becomes

Converging the Light
  of the Stars

Dervish Heart

Developing Light in
  the Eyes

Espy the Thinking of
  the Universe

Everlastingness and

Filtering Impressions
  (2 Immune Systems)

Finding Freedom from
  the Constraint of

Image of the Pendulum
Image of the Vortex
  Energy Practice

Imagining an Archangel
  of Light

Impact of Situations
  on the Self

Impact of the Self on

Keys to Meditation
Light in a Secondary
  Chakra: Eyes

Light in the 1st Chakra
Light in the 2nd Chakra
Light in the 3rd Chakra
Light in the 4th
  Chakra: Heart Center

Light in the 5th
  Chakra: Throat

Light in the 6th
  Chakra: Third Eye

Light in the 7th
  Chakra: Crown Center

Light in the Chakras:

Matching Latencies
Muhasibi: What Do I
  Value in Life?

Observing Yourself
  (Muhasibi / Jhanana

Our Purpose is

Palace of Mirrors
Perception and Desire
Seeing Beauty
Shifting Perspectives
Starry Sky Meditation
Steps to
  Seeking Nirvana

Steps to Turning Within
The Bounty of Life
The Glance, 1 & 2
The Glance, 3: That
  Which Transpires

The Glance, 4:
  Purifying the Glance

The Glance, 5: The
  Eyes Through Which
  God Sees

The Glance, 6: The
  Divine Glance

The Glance, 7: Shahid
The Process of Ta'wil
The Vortex
This Become Does Not
  Lead to the

Thrust into Existence
Universe as Beings of

Visualizing the Body
  as a Crystal

Watch Your Body
Watch Your

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
Watch Your Personality

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
Watch Your Thoughts
We are a Condition of

Light Shows
Kirlian Photography
Fractal Journey
Impressions of the

Sun Rises

Nathan and Joseph
We Shall Be Healed

Rustavi Choir
Gregorian Chant

Saki Lee and Shams Kairys
Thy Light is in All

Sirin Choir
Russian Chants

Tallis Scholars
Victoria Tenebrae

Tibetan Buddhist Nuns of the Kopan Monastery
Track 13

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Pie Jesu
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