Prayer for the Universel

Build with Thine own hands the Universel,

Our Temple for Thy divine Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty.


When saying the prayer, you may wish to stand, with eyes open, and hold your hands elevated before you. Simple in length, and easy to memorize, with frequent repetition the prayer may become a companion and come to you spontaneously, as a voice from within. Amida


Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan wrote the following phrase which may be taken on as a contemplation and a practice:

To treat every human being as a shrine of God is to fulfill all religion.

Sunrise Meditation

Experience a sunrise in nature or recall one in your imagination. Create a gesture to greet the sun as it rises. Be very careful not to look directly into the sun, for it can damage your eyes. Regard the beauty, the majesty of the sunrise, the whole scene. Give vent to your emotion, to bewonderment.

The Sufis call the sun Prince Hurakhsh, Archangel of Light. What qualities do you find in the sun? Can you feel a resonance to those qualities in yourself, and a sense of being “home” in a world of light?

Allow yourself to be flooded with light. Sense the way the pores of your body, the scope of your mind and the feelings in your heart open, and your capacity for accommodating light increases. 

Can you feel the body’s cells jiggling, sparkling, full of life? 

Notice the natural rhythm of your breath. Encourage a link with the sun. As you exhale reach out toward the light of the sun. As you inhale allow light to wash over and through you. A natural response of radiance ensues. 

Recall that our bodies are made of sunlight, the sun itself born from cosmic unfoldment. We exist in a world of light. Revel in the wonderment and beauty dawning upon, within and around you. One could say we discover our solar inheritance. 

Contemplate how, in thoughts, words and deeds, qualities of light and life, encourage and illuminate people and situations: transparency clarifies the dynamics of an encounter; warmth, energy and joy nurture a relationship; a genuine smile brightens the heart of a loved one, friend or passer-by.

How might we, as Pir Vilayat encouraged us, “Bring light and life wherever we go?”

Become aware of your position before the sun. Sense your feet on the ground. With open eyes, notice the life and light around you. Select a way to bring your realization and attunement into the day. Make a closing gesture of gratitude to the sun.